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Hardware Service

It’s often overlooked as to how reliant we all are on hardware in business. That is until it is too late. Failing hardware on a your personal client machine or indeed something even more business critical like a server will have serious implications to your business.

When it comes to mitigating the risks, Force36 work with you to ensure firstly, that you have the right equipment for the job. We work with you to specify the optimum laptops, desktops and servers to ensure that your business stays online and working.

It doesn’t stop there, we also ensure that you are using the right hardware within your network to make sure that network connectivity is optimal and quick. Having the wrong switch in the wrong place can seriously slow down a network – without proper network planning. Having the wrong router could impact on your speed, connectivity and fail-over planning. Force36 can help with all of these challenges.

When we work with you, we assess your needs and mid-term future needs and plan and implement accordingly. We are now using the latest switches that allow fast network connectivity of 10GB and beyond as well as using fibre optics should you network span distances that would limit ordinary network connection.

If your business is seeking to work with an organisation that specifies quality hardware that had been developed to bring you high performance and reliability, contact us to discuss your goals.

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