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As we know more often than not, the software on a computer is pretty robust. Issues can creep in when regular maintenance is not carried out on machines in your business.

We help you keep on top of that by keeping on top of patches and upgrades, both to the equipment you see and the equipment you don’t.

If you have software that needs regular updates on your laptop,office based machines or Apple devices, then we can take care of that for you by tabling regular updates. This helps to keep you computer operational and your wider network safe.

A recent study showed how few businesses kept on top of their software and that it was one of the top causes for down time in their businesses. Old software can also cause back doors for cyber crime such as hacking and malware attacks.

We also keep on top of your cloud based software updates. We can table times that are most convenient to you and your business. Talk to us about our proactive approach to keeping on top of your software updates and needs.

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