Internet Services

Internet Services

All connectivity is the same, until you need something that is going to give you a guaranteed level of service.

Connectivity Solutions

Fibre & Leased Lines

All connectivity is the same, until you need something that is going to give you a guaranteed level of service. For example: service Uptime SLA, VLAN, MPLS, Bandwidth Optimisation and Priority Care.

We work with a range of carrier partners including BT, SSE, TalkTalk, VirginMediaBusiness, Exponential-e, Level3 etc that we use to deploy our fibre and DSL based connectivity solutions. Customers with services in our datacentre can benefit from being on-net with us, reducing their bandwidth costs, improving their telephony services and ensuring that traffic destined for their infrastructure doesn’t leave their network. Internet breakout can be provided anywhere from 30Mbps to 1Gbps.


Service Delivery & Support

We handle 100% of your provisioning requirement, from organising the initial survey and project managing installation through to connect up and configuration of CPE we’ll be there every step of the way.

Once the service is live we will monitor your internet connection and CPE remotely so that we pro-actively manage your service.

  • Site survey is the first stage of any network installation. This is where we establish the location of your CPE and where the cables need to be installed.
  • Project Management is the bit that sets us apart from average IT & Telco’s. We understand the requirements and pitfalls of dealing with the network carriers and can both realistically set delivery expectations and ensure that there are no unnecessary roadblocks or hold-ups when provisioning new services.
  • Configuration of CPE is handled by our expert and certified Cisco engineers who will deploy your router configuration to meet your existing or new network requirements. We work with you or your IS team to ensure an efficient handover.
  • Monitoring of your CPE is standard on all Force36 managed provides. This means that through our various monitoring mechanisms we can be aware of actual or potential issues as they develop and can advise you of the steps required to remedy any particular problem with a pre-determined escalation path.
  • Support of your network connectivity is crucial to us as much as you so we don’t mess around with scripts or 600 troubleshooting steps. Our monitoring systems will feedback information to us on exactly what is going on between us and your CPE and our service level agreements with our upstream carriers ensure that we can get them to react quickly if needed.

Internet Services


Copper delivered technology is still mainstream across the UK but not all ADSL and VDSL (FTTC) services are the same.

Because we apply traffic elevation to our service across the BT wholesales network, we can avoid those network congestion issues that occur at certain times of the day. And unlike many providers, our contention ratios are 1:1 which means you get all of the available bandwidth to yourself, rather than sharing with your neighbours.

We also apply BT Premium care to our services which enables us to offer a better Service Level Agreement (SLA) than most providers too. In the event of a fault, we can report it to BT on a 24 hours basis and in most cases can dispatch a BT engineer to deal with a line fault the following working day which means minimal disruption to your business in the event of a fault.

In the event you can only get an ADSL service, we’ll always endeavour to provide you with ADSL2+ with Annex M (faster upload speeds too) and then work backwards so you’ll always be assured of getting the best possible service your copper line can support.

And don’t forget our UK based technical support team who are here to pro-actively monitor your service 24 hours a day and respond to your calls and emails during business hours.

Internet Services

Mobile 3G/4G

From one to one thousand or more devices our SME and enterprise contracts for data-only sims are perfect for devices such as iPads and tablets. With the benefit of EE’s superior coverage and network performance you can stay connected on the move. Network performance and statistics are independently monitored by RootMetrics.

With our Apple Certified Network partner status we can support your Apple device purchases with the supply of business mobile contracts to suit.

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