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IWP UK is a national business made up of expert IFA firms and advisors, their local independent wealth planners offer bespoke financial advice services.

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Having acquired a number of financial services business units, IWP approached Force36 to review the state of the IT infrastructure in each of their regional hubs, all of which were in a varying state of development, and bring them up to the same standard of IT services.

Force36 conducted an initial review to establish the equipment and vendors that were needed to provide the services required by the new IWP business units. Having conducted those audits, the client was advised on the equipment needed and the subsequent arrangements were put in place for the business units to be upgraded, and engineers were dispatched to each of the regional hubs.

Force36 managed the migration of IWP’s broadband services, telephony services, security hardware, desktop PC’s and business unit environment, as well as user desktops.

The benefits to the client have meant that the infrastructure has remained reliable and the integrations and migrations have been seamless – with minimal disruptions to the business units themselves. The IT equipment has also been brought up to modern standards, both in terms of cyber security and how the equipment is managed across the board – particularly with the centralisation of the management. Plus, employees and members of any of the hubs can contact the centralised help desk where all of those services are managed and monitored.

Director Richard Swain from Force36 talks about the work that Force36 have carried out and continue to roll out during IWP's ambitious acquisition of other financial institutions around the UK.
David Inglesfield, CEO of IWP, explains some of the challenges and how working with Force36 has helped in ensuring the newly acquired businesses around the UK have been assessed and upgraded by Force36, to ensure that they have a secure and reliable IT infrastructure.

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We used Force36 to help us upgrade the IT that our businesses have, make sure they’re cyber secure and make sure that the businesses run efficiently. We’ve acquired 8 business so far around the UK and Force36 have been out completed IT audits for each of those companies. They have also upgraded the infrastructure and made sure that all of the staff have got the latest and best technology that they need to do their jobs.

This has been really helpful for us.

David Inglesfield

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